All about Hyperlocal Marketplaces

All about  Hyperlocal  Marketplaces

Here is everything you need to know about Hyperlocal Marketplaces

The workings of hyperlocal marketplaces can get complicated, so here is the gist –

1) Sellers upload images of the items they want to sell on the marketplace website or app

2) The customer makes payment via online or cash-on-delivery modes.

3) Seller receives the order on its shopy marketplace website/app or through mail.

4) Next, the seller accepts the order.

5) They pack the order tightly to avoid any shipping damage or mishandled packages.

6) The seller picks up the order from the store and delivers it to you.

7) The order gets delivered to your customer's doorstep.

There are times when your customers and sellers need to use different website fronts or apps with different features.

With this process, the orders get processed quickly, and the customer can also be provided with order tracking information within the app or via email & SMS update.