How is Shopy different?

How is Shopy different?

Your retain complete ownership of your digital presence.

When someone shops for a product in a digital marketplace, you have zero brand equity. Very often the marketplace such as Amazon, Flipkart or Snapdeal are getting the credit for your product. This also means that any repeat sales that could come your way due to the goodwill generated by your product accrue to the marketplace instead.


You  can build an Email list and communicate with your customer base.

Getting a repeat customer is much cheaper and easier than acquiring a new one. Marketplaces make it impossible to maintain communication with your customer base, push offers, new products and more. Your own website built on shopy allows you to access your customer details and gives you the ability to push your products faster and build a strong community.


Maximize profits by avoiding commisions.


Amazon and other marketplaces often charge upto 15 - 20% in commissions making it unfeasible, especially when you’re spending more and more money on marketing. Setting up your own web store on Shopy helps you keep a higher profit margin and build brand equity with your customers.