Why Shopy?

Why Shopy?

Online Marketplaces such as Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay, Snapdeal amongst others are a great way to start selling your merchandise, however, these marketplaces are very much like renting an apartment. You have very little control on the terms of the lease and the owner can decide to kick you out at any time.


If the question is whether to have a market place presence or your own website, well the simple answer is you have to do both. The problem with ‘rented’ platforms such as Amazon is that users have little control over the resources, rules, algorithms that run these marketplaces. They can change drastically overnight and can even make a decision to delist or ban your product with no warning.


Amazon, for example, intentionally hides the contact information of anyone who has made a purchase of your product so that you can only contact them through Amazon. This keeps your business dependent on Amazon’s fortunes and their favour. 


Marketplaces handicap you by restricting your communication and access to your own customer.


Would you spend money renovating a rented apartment?

The short answer for most of us would be, No.


Similarly, if you’re going to spend money on marketing or advertising your product on Facebook, Instagram or through SEO and Google Ads it only makes sense to direct them to your own website. Landing them on a marketplace that displays multiple competitors items as well is like an exercise in futility. 


When your direct people to your own platform instead of a marketplace.


  • You have complete control over resources and can maximize ROI.

  • Detailed analytics and cookies to retarget customers.

  • You improve traffic and Domain authority of your website.